About the project

The purpose of project “Sarsang – prevention of humanitarian catastrophe” is to draw the attention of the international community to the functioning of Sarsang water reservoir and the prevention of its possible humanitarian catastrophe.

We would like to drawthe attention of the world community to expected humanitarian catastrophe – artificial obstacles created by the Armenian side to the water flow from Sarsang water reservoir, which is of vital importance for the population of the lower Karabakh regions bordering on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as well as to the usage of water by Armeniansas an ecological weapon, to the damage to theenvironment of frontier territories (downfall of animal and plant types, including unique types or those being eradicated as a result of the lack of water, land degradation and increasing of town-building processes), economy, lives and health of people. Thus, we call on the international community to take immediate measures in order to overcome any military diversion plans and be ready to any accident or natural disaster which may result in mass deaths ofpeople under current circumstances.

The aim of the project is to achieve that the international communityseverelycriticizes the illegal blockade of water supply and irrigation systems by Armenia located in the territories of Azerbaijan, byviolating fundamental principles of the international law, and thatthe international organizationsforce Armenia to hand over the control of the reservoir and all related irrigation systems to the Azerbaijan government in coordination with the previous international resolutions.

The implementation of the project covers the following activities: assessment of the damage to the life of people living in nearby territories, health and property of these people, state property and properties of business organizations as a result of any diversion or accident in Sarsang water reservoir, establishment of an international group of experts in order to evaluate technical state of Sarsang water reservoir, regional trip of the group, development of reports and their publishment in several languages, formation of a computer-based model of the emergencyrisk of Sarsang water reservoir, awareness of people in Azerbaijan, foreign countries and international organizations on making decision on Sarsang water reservoir against Armenia, including conferences, publications in foreign media, and arrangement meetings.

Project İmplementation

The project is implemented by the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan. ACSDA assists to the development of civil society in the country through coordinating activity of non-governmental organizations and other representatives of the third sector. Its main purpose is the participation of citizens in solution of problems existing in society and maximum transparency of processes implemented in this sphere. ACSDA is implementing complex measures in the direction of evolving, delivering to society and solution of existing problems in different fields. For further information: http://avciya.az/index/ourgoals/

Project partners

ACSDA implements this project within the frame of partnership with the following state and international organizations:

Ministry of Agriculture, www.agro.gov.az

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, www.eco.gov.az

Melioration and Water Economy OJSC, www.mst.gov.az

Executive Power of Aghjabadi region, agcabedi-ih.gov.az 

Executive Power of Aghdam region, agdam-ih.gov.az 

Executive Power of Barda region, berde-ih.gov.az 

Executive Power of Tartar region, terter-ih.gov.az 

Executive Power of Goranboy region, goranboy-ih.gov.az

Project Working Group

Elkan Suleymanov – Project author and director, MP

Vali Alibayov – Head of Working Group

Gulsum Hummatova – Assistant to Head of Working Group

Samir Isayev – Chief Coordinator

Xatira Imamverdiyeva –CoordinatorAssistant

Ramiz Sevdimaliyev – Scientific Consultant

Chingiz Ismayilov – Head of Economic Survey Group

Rustam Aliyev – Head of Environmental Group

Fuad Babayev – Responsible for Media

Fuad Suleymanov and Agshin Asgarov – Foreign relations Group

Local coordinators:

Fakhraddin Gulmaliyev – Aghjabadi region

Rovshan Safarov – Aghdam region

Khalig Mammadov – Barda region

Razi Guliyev – Goranboy region

Ali Sultanov – Tartar region

Gunel Mekhtiyeva – collaborator of Karabakh regional office