The presentation was held on the appeals addressed to international organizations which concern Sarsang water reservoir

Within the project “Sarsang – prevention of humanitarian catastrophe”, the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) has organized the presentation of appeals addressed to international organizations by the residents of Agjabadi, Agdam, Barda, Goranboy and Tartar regions.

The vice-president of ACSDA, Mr. Vali Alibayov in for med the audience of the Sarsang water reservoir and stated that, the water reservoir has been in an emergency state for 20 years: “no technical service is rendered to prevent the state of emergency.The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of international organizations and to keep the technical condition of the reservoir under controlthrough an international organization. The situation is really difficult and the people are right in complaining about it”.

Later, the project coordinator Samir Isayev took the floor. He informed the partakers of the appeals of the local people:“Apart from Sarsang,there is no any other water reservoir in Lower Garabagh region and this fact intensifies the problem of drinking water. In spite of the fact that, artesian wells have been drilled, the local people state that, this doesn’t meet their needs and they are in need of the water running from Sarsang water reservoir. We have already received over 3000 appeals. After having collected the appeals, we will send them to international organizations”.

Then, MutallimAbdulhasanov, the representative of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources gave a speech and underlined that, the ministry takes continuous measures in this sphere and informs the international organization of the issue: “this is an essential matter and its solution is crucial. We always raise the awareness of participants of international events regarding the problem of Sarsang water reservoir. We hope that, the problem will be solved soon”.

At the end of the event, discussions were carried out on the subject.