Threats of Destruction of Sarsang Water Reservoir Dam

Sarsang Water Reservoir located in the area of Aghdere region which is currenly under occupation was built on Tartar River in 1976. The general capacity of the reservoir is 560 mln m³, volume of minerals 500 mln m³, the dead volume is 60 mln m³. Normal filling level of the reservoir is 726 m, while maximum level upon during flow of flood is 728,5 m, the level of dead volume is 662 m, the length of the reservoir in normal filling level -11,75 km, width 1,75 km, depth of water in normal level is 103 m. The space of water mirror on normal level is 1346 ha, whereas the space of water mirror on the level of dead volume is 270 ha. The length of the coastline is 50,25 km. The height ofthe reservoir’s dam is 125 m, length-555,1 m, width from the upper side is 10,2 m.

Hydroelectric power station, having 50 mgvt power each and consisted of  2 turbines exists in the reservoir. Drop capacity of turbine is 30 m³ / s and in tote 60 m³ water can be issued from the power station. Moreover, 6 valves were installed to drop water into the river for irrigation purposes in the reservoir’s dam when the power station stopped operating. Totally 30 m³/s water might be dropped to Tartar River being each 5 m³/s through the valve. It is intended to flow the flood water of 740 m³/s into Tartar River via emercency water engine in case the reservoir is filled.

It should be noted that Sarsang is the highest water resevoir in the republic for the height of the dam. Sarsang Water Reservoir provided 100 thousand hectare plot of six regions of the country (Tartar, Aghdam, Barda, Goranboy, Yevlakh and Agjcabedi) with irrigation water before the occupation of the territories. After the invasion of the territories non-provision of irrigation water to plants of agriculture as a result of inavailability of the reservoir’s water usage, damaged rather much this region of the republic.

It is supposed that the reservoir is not satisfactory from technical security aspect since the reservoir and its devices were not properly complex technically served for a long time. Destruction of the dam of Sarsang water reservoir because of catastrophe or sabotage since the reservoir located in the occupied area creates serious danger for settlements at the bottom of the reservoir.

A number of Tartar regions (Chayli, Seydimli, Hajigarvand, Zolkaran, Duyarli, Sarıjali, Alasgarli, Bayandur, Buruj, Iravanli, Gulabatli, Hajalli, Yenidashkend, Gapanli, Shatirli, Gasimbayli, Zumurkhach, Imamgulubeyli, Dilenchiler, Muganli) are threataned to remain under the water throughly and some partially in the water ( Shikharkh  settlement, Madagiz, Hasangaya, Sahlabad, Korpusindiran, Gazakhlar, Soyulan, Dargalar, Nazirli).